Phuser about to launch Web 2.0 integrations

November 20, 2007

As you may have read on Techcrunch we have just come out of colsed Beta and are going to launch our first Web 2.0 integrations next week.

The first two integrations will be with Slideshare, the popular presentation sharing website and, the social bookmarking website.

This will allow you to use these services withSlideshare logo your team inside Phuser without having to create a Slideshare or account. Your team won’t have to get distracted going to these separate websites and your slideshows and bookmarks will be private just to your team.

In the following weeks we will be launching logofurther integrations with websites for conference calling, shared whiteboards, online document editing, transcription, translation and more.

The release next week is an big milestone for Phuser, bringing together our new tabbed Phuse view, numerous UI improvements and the first of our Web 2.0 integrations.  This will make Phuser more familiar to existing users of Basecamp and Huddle although with more tools at your disposal.

To be the first to hear when the new release of Phuser is live drop me an email to welcome (at) phuser (dot) com

 Watch this space for more news!