Phuser about to launch Web 2.0 integrations

November 20, 2007

As you may have read on Techcrunch we have just come out of colsed Beta and are going to launch our first Web 2.0 integrations next week.

The first two integrations will be with Slideshare, the popular presentation sharing website and, the social bookmarking website.

This will allow you to use these services withSlideshare logo your team inside Phuser without having to create a Slideshare or account. Your team won’t have to get distracted going to these separate websites and your slideshows and bookmarks will be private just to your team.

In the following weeks we will be launching logofurther integrations with websites for conference calling, shared whiteboards, online document editing, transcription, translation and more.

The release next week is an big milestone for Phuser, bringing together our new tabbed Phuse view, numerous UI improvements and the first of our Web 2.0 integrations.  This will make Phuser more familiar to existing users of Basecamp and Huddle although with more tools at your disposal.

To be the first to hear when the new release of Phuser is live drop me an email to welcome (at) phuser (dot) com

 Watch this space for more news!


Phuser Summer Newsletter

August 10, 2007

Hello Phusers!Summer Phusing!

Summer Phusing!Summer Phusing!We’ve been hard at work here at Phuser HQ and have some exciting new things for you to try. You may remember that Phuses are a great way to discuss, plan and share with your friends and colleagues. This could be a sports team, group holiday, project or discussing something you are passionate about.

  New Open Phuses

Start an Open Phuse and anyone in your network can join! This makes it easier to get discussions going. You can ask for advice or opinions or just talk about something you like and anyone in your network can take part. When you Start a New Phuse you can easily choose whether it is Open or Closed. Try creating a new Open Phuse now and see who joins in! Start a Phuse

What used to be normal Phuses where you invited everyone individually are now callmrphuser.pnged Closed Phuses. They are still there for those Private plans and discussions. All your existing Phuses are Closed but why not make some of them Open? Just go into a Phuse you created and click Edit.

New Phuser Spokesperson

You have a new person in your network! He is called Mr Phuser and he is helping us launch Open Phuses. Mr Phuser has many interests (like cheese) and has started creating Open Phuses for them. Take a look at them and join in the discussion! He also loves receiving messages and SMS! If you don’t want Mr Phuser in your network just click on him to look at his profile and then click Remove from Network. Don’t worry, he won’t be offended.

Limited! Invite new people bumper blowout

Mr Phuser wants more friends! So much that he is giving out Phuse Power Points . For every person you invite in the next 48 hours he will give you 100 Points, if they sign up he will give you another 400 points!

Happy Phusing! Sign into Phuser now!

George Black
The Phuser Team

P.S. Any feedback welcome!