Out with the old

If you still haven’t started your own phuse, now is the time to give it a go.  Our latest release, out last Friday, introduces the fruits of our ‘phuse process rethink’.  That’s just dull in-house-speak for ‘Making it easier and more engaging’.  Here are some of the changes that seasoned phusers will notice:

1) ‘New phuse’ is now ‘Start a phuse’.  Instead of creating an empty phuse and expecting you to know what to do next, phuser will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating the phuse, adding some people and adding your first activity.

2) ‘phuseBlocks’ are dead. In name at least, if not in spirit.  We’re reducing the jargon and figured it was easier just to talk about Date Deciders, Photo Albums and Polls, rather than ‘Date Decider phuseBlock’ etc.  This has been a traumatic decision for us so please be gentle whilst we adapt.

3) We’ve put a bit more emphasis on what makes up a phuse.  Logical really since that is what phuser is all about. Instead of a phuse simply being an empty box which you fill with Polls, Questions etc, the phuse itself now has its own introduction and picture, letting you ‘set the scene’ more easily:


This means that what used to be the ‘Introduction’ phuseBlock is now Note. Simple.  Oh, and ‘Photo Sharing’ is now Photo Album. Not sure how we missed that one…

4) Each of your phuses now has a code so that you can SMS a message to phuser, prefixed with the phuse relay code, and your message will be ‘relayed’ to all the other phuse members. Quickly and simple. Even if they don’t have a phone, they’ll get an email instead!  A bit like Twitter, but without all the twitter.

 5) We’re working on making My phuses clearer and more useful.  The first sweep of changes are live now, more are on the way.

6) We’ve redesigned the way you add people to a phuse.  Big changes here – the best way to see what we’ve done is to give it a go

7) When you’re looking at a phuse, we’ve tweaked the left-bar so that you see people’s profile pictures.  We chopped out a couple of less useful items too.

 8) We’ve re-organised My Network, especially the Invitation pages.  Now you can invite many people in one go or use the GMail address-book importer.

Of course there’s the usual slew of bug fixes and minor tweaks – around 30 in all covering everything from invitations and messaging to dud images and broken tick-boxes.

Don’t forget to let us know what you make of these changes, or anything else about phuser, in the forum.

Want to try all this phusing goodness but don’t have an account? Just ask! 


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