Find it fast with phuser

April 20, 2007

It’s Friday and that means upgrade time at phuser.  One short week since our last installment but still we’ve managed to dig up a couple of tasty morsels for you to savour…

There are two new features that should appeal to the phuser neophiles amongst you.  We can’t decide which is our favourite so we’ll call it a tie and let you make up your mind. So, in alphabetical order, in joint first place:

Friend finderFriend Finder

This piece of phuser goodness is a boon to anyone using phuser Quick SMS and Email features.  Now, from your phuser homepage you can instantly call up friends from My Network.  A list of matching friends appears as you type, and you can instantly go to their profile, start a phuse with them or message them directly.  SMSing your friends with phuser just got even easier!  (Tip: Make your SMS appear to come from your own number – Register your mobile).

Find a phuse

We know that a number of you with busy phuses have been asking for a Search feature.  Well at last we have one, and we’re pretty pleased with it.  Enter your search on My phuses and you’ll see a tastefully presented list of results:

Search results


The first line is the phuse of course, then the Activity (Poll, Question etc), and the remaining lines show exactly where the match was found. Simple.


Invite from phuseThe runner-up in our list of new features is an improvement to the phuse Members page, inspired by Chris who is organising a Stag do with phuser.  This page now lets you invite any phuse members who aren’t already in your network, which of course means you can get more from phuse Broadcasting (see last week’s update): 


Happy phusing!



Shaping up

April 13, 2007

It’s been a long and arduous week here at phuser Central, but as Friday draws to a close and everyone else slopes off to the pub we can at last announce our latest version of phuser.

If you haven’t visited phuser in a while you will notice quite a few changes for the better.  Easier phuses, easier invitations and easier groups to name just a few.  Even the most dedicated follower of phuser phashion (ahem) will notice several welcome improvements in this release.

PhuserCastOur favourite new toy is phuse Broadcast.  It debuted a couple of weeks ago but now we have polished and honed it.  In a nutshell, all your phuses are given a short code which you can see at the top ofthe phuse and in My phuses:

Simply send an SMS text message starting with your code, followed by your message to phuser at +44 7624806185 (which of course you have saved in your phone ), and phuser will SMS your message to everyone else in the phuse. Did we say that it’ll appear to come from your phone number so that replies come straight back to you? Or that people without a phone will at least get an email? It’s all true.

And we thought it was good. Good yes, but perhaps not good enough. So we improved it.  phuser goes to great lengths to create the shortest possible Broadcast codes for your phuses, but we decided to go one better.  So now you can set your own memorable keyword as an alternative to the Broadcast code that phuser provides.  Just click change next to a code and you’re off:

We’ve also sorted out a long-standing gripe that has bugged many of our trusty beta-users.  Photo Album now keeps track of which pics you’ve looked at so that the New Comments  and New Pictures  icons are at last meaningful.  Trust us, this is better than it sounds.  The sighs of relief and aura of inner contentment that emenated from various phuser staff when this was being tested were palpable.

What else?

There’s a new Group Wizard so you can get more out of My Network. First-timers will go through it when they join, the rest of you can find it in My Network. It’ll help you choose the privacy settings for the group, add people from your Network and even invite new people if you need to.

The list of phuses on the home page has been improved too, and as promised My phuses has received its second installment of usability improvements.

Now that we are a couple of months into our beta trial we’re going to cut loose a little.  For example, everyone can now invite up to 25 new people to phuser. So get inviting (and don’t forget our GMail address book importer!).  If 25 isn’t enough for you, just ask.

Then there’s the traditional slew of bug fixes and tweak of course. Lots this time around. Everything from fixing the ordering of messages in Sent Messages to sorting out broken phuse Alerts (which by the way is the new catchier name for Notifications), to say nothing of broken links and some obscure but important privacy fixes.  Styling tweaks, code fixes, it’s all in there.

Finally, don’t forget to post in the phuser forum with your thoughts. Feedback from our esteemed beta-users has already shaped phuser considerably, so why not stick your oar in?

As always, new user are more than welcome so if you haven’t already, request an invitation.

Out with the old

April 2, 2007

If you still haven’t started your own phuse, now is the time to give it a go.  Our latest release, out last Friday, introduces the fruits of our ‘phuse process rethink’.  That’s just dull in-house-speak for ‘Making it easier and more engaging’.  Here are some of the changes that seasoned phusers will notice:

1) ‘New phuse’ is now ‘Start a phuse’.  Instead of creating an empty phuse and expecting you to know what to do next, phuser will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating the phuse, adding some people and adding your first activity.

2) ‘phuseBlocks’ are dead. In name at least, if not in spirit.  We’re reducing the jargon and figured it was easier just to talk about Date Deciders, Photo Albums and Polls, rather than ‘Date Decider phuseBlock’ etc.  This has been a traumatic decision for us so please be gentle whilst we adapt.

3) We’ve put a bit more emphasis on what makes up a phuse.  Logical really since that is what phuser is all about. Instead of a phuse simply being an empty box which you fill with Polls, Questions etc, the phuse itself now has its own introduction and picture, letting you ‘set the scene’ more easily:


This means that what used to be the ‘Introduction’ phuseBlock is now Note. Simple.  Oh, and ‘Photo Sharing’ is now Photo Album. Not sure how we missed that one…

4) Each of your phuses now has a code so that you can SMS a message to phuser, prefixed with the phuse relay code, and your message will be ‘relayed’ to all the other phuse members. Quickly and simple. Even if they don’t have a phone, they’ll get an email instead!  A bit like Twitter, but without all the twitter.

 5) We’re working on making My phuses clearer and more useful.  The first sweep of changes are live now, more are on the way.

6) We’ve redesigned the way you add people to a phuse.  Big changes here – the best way to see what we’ve done is to give it a go

7) When you’re looking at a phuse, we’ve tweaked the left-bar so that you see people’s profile pictures.  We chopped out a couple of less useful items too.

 8) We’ve re-organised My Network, especially the Invitation pages.  Now you can invite many people in one go or use the GMail address-book importer.

Of course there’s the usual slew of bug fixes and minor tweaks – around 30 in all covering everything from invitations and messaging to dud images and broken tick-boxes.

Don’t forget to let us know what you make of these changes, or anything else about phuser, in the forum.

Want to try all this phusing goodness but don’t have an account? Just ask!