Best ever phuser – new version now live

The phuser team is happy to announce that the first upgrade of phuser since our launch has gone smoothly.  This new version (evocatively named ‘v0.11.2’) includes several improvements suggested by our intrepid band of early adopters, as well as many fixes for things that came to light during phuser’s first appearance in the spotlight of public attention.

The full list of changes and fixes runs to 51 items, but some of the highlights that we think our users will welcome include:

  • Online indicatorSee which friends are around with the ‘Online’ indicator in profile and thumbnail views  (right)
  • See when a friend last signed in – now shown in their profile
  • View your own profile (e.g. click your username in the far top right) and see your complete network of 1st and 2nd degree friends (and your phusepower score!)
  • phuseBlock comments improved, with link and smiley support, reply method icon (web, email or SMS) and various other improvements
  • Top-menu rearranged following the results of the poll in our phuser GUI phuse
  • Collect phusepower points as you go about your daily phusing! Do points mean prizes? It’s too soon to say…
  • Invitation phuseBlock renamed to RSVP to avoid confusion with Network Invitations
  • Banish the ‘Input requested’ question-mark icon – click ‘Ignore’ on a phuseBlock (below)

Other less exciting but nevertheless sanity-saving fixes include:

  • Left-bar menu in My Network pages is hopefully more consistent and useful  
  • Occasional lingering ‘New phuseBlock’ icon even when there are none – now fixed.
  • Quicklink bar on Homepage now stays closed when you close it
  • Longer comments now permitted
  • Various fixes to phuseBlock creation and deletion
  • Names can now include apostrophes. Yes really.
  • Loads more…

See for yourselfRequest an invitation to join our community of beta users now.

Our thanks once again to everyone who has been giving such valuable feedback on the phuser forum.


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